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01170160365/22/1717:58DISTURBANCE 400 CENTER ST
01170160305/22/1717:24ASSAULT 600 DOUGLAS ST
01170160355/22/1717:24LARCENY OF VEHICLE 800 JONES ST
01170160325/22/1717:19TRAFFIC ACCIDENT 1000 RIVERSIDE BLVD
01170160275/22/1717:05TRAFFIC ACCIDENT 1 I29 S
01170160295/22/1717:02BURGLARY 2400 S CYPRESS ST
01170160265/22/1716:53THEFT 1300 PIERCE ST
01170160245/22/1716:42THEFT 3100 FLOYD BLVD
01170160215/22/1716:41THREATS 1300 JACKSON ST
01170160285/22/1716:38HARRASSMENT 400 PIERCE ST
01170160195/22/1716:35TRAFFIC ACCIDENT 5700 GORDON DR
01170160185/22/1716:19SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 1800 PIERCE ST
01170160335/22/1716:19RECKLESS DRIVER 400 PIERCE ST
01170160175/22/1716:15ALARM 2400 HAWKEYE DR
01170160205/22/1716:15THEFT 1800 S HELEN ST
01170160255/22/1716:07TRAFFIC ACCIDENT 4700 SINGING HILLS BLVD
01170160315/22/1716:06ASSIST OTHER AGENCY 1700 W 14TH ST
01170160155/22/1715:58ABANDONED VEHICLE 4300 POLK ST
01170160145/22/1715:54CHECK AREA 1100 31ST ST
01170160165/22/1715:28SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 2600 S LEMON ST
01170160105/22/1715:15TRAFFIC ACCIDENT 4200 GLENN AVE
01170160095/22/1714:55CHECK WELFARE 500 COURT ST
01170160085/22/1714:41CHECK WELFARE 1300 PIERCE ST
01170160065/22/1714:36DISTURBANCE 300 WESLEY PKWY
01170160075/22/1714:36ABANDONED VEHICLE 1900 INGLESIDE AVE
01170160045/22/1714:09CHECK WELFARE 400 LARSEN PARK RD
01170160055/22/1714:03FOUND PROPERTY 3100 ORLEANS AVE
01170160035/22/1714:03INFORMATION 2300 W 2ND ST
01170160005/22/1713:51THEFT 1400 W 18TH ST
01170160015/22/1713:46PARKING PROBLEM 800 27TH ST
01170159995/22/1713:40HIT AND RUN 400 WATER ST
01170159975/22/1713:34DISTURBANCE 200 6TH ST
01170159935/22/1712:40MEDICAL ASSISTANCE 400 14TH ST
01170159945/22/1712:33FRAUD 1000 LEWIS BLVD
01170159905/22/1712:31DISTURBANCE 1300 PIERCE ST
01170159925/22/1712:25PARKING PROBLEM 100 17TH ST
01170159885/22/1712:13CHECK WELFARE 1300 S MAPLE ST
01170159865/22/1712:10DISTURBANCE 2600 MURRAY ST
01170159875/22/1712:07THEFT 100 FAIRMOUNT ST
01170159845/22/1711:39CHECK WELFARE 3300 5TH ST
01170159835/22/1711:36CRIMINAL TRESPASS 2800 HAMILTON BLVD
01170159825/22/1711:27ABANDONED VEHICLE 700 15TH ST
01170159795/22/1710:39CHECK AREA 2600 S OLIVE ST
01170159755/22/1710:38FRAUD 600 DOUGLAS ST
01170159785/22/1710:32CHECK AREA 1300 SUMMIT ST
01170159735/22/1710:23DISTURBANCE 1700 JONES ST
01170159725/22/1710:10DISTURBANCE 1400 ZENITH DR
01170159765/22/1710:07ABANDONED VEHICLE 700 S GLASS ST
01170159705/22/1709:33THEFT 900 MORNINGSIDE AVE
01170159715/22/1709:32ATTEMPT TO LOCATE 2800 W 4TH ST
01170159685/22/1709:29FRAUD 600 DOUGLAS ST
01170159665/22/1709:20ATTEMPT TO LOCATE 2600 S CORNELIA ST
01170159655/22/1709:16BURGLARY 1800 S ALICE ST
01170159645/22/1708:49ATTEMPT TO LOCATE 1300 PIERCE ST
01170159635/22/1708:49ALARM 5000 SERGEANT RD
01170159625/22/1708:21CHECK AREA 1300 JACKSON ST
01170159605/22/1707:38ASSAULT 1400 PACIFIC ST
01170159585/22/1707:00DISTURBANCE 800 GORDON DR
01170159575/22/1706:52TRAFFIC ACCIDENT 3900 STONE PARK BLVD
01170159545/22/1705:42TRAFFIC ACCIDENT 3000 ISABELLA ST
01170159535/22/1705:35CRIMINAL MISCHIEF 2200 JONES ST
01170159525/22/1704:56DISTURBANCE 2700 STONE PARK BLVD
01170159495/22/1704:25MEDICAL ASSISTANCE 1800 W 1ST ST
01170159515/22/1704:22SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 3100 ORLEANS AVE
01170159455/22/1703:48DISTURBANCE 100 W 3RD ST
01170159425/22/1702:29RECKLESS DRIVER 2600 VILLA AVE
01170159415/22/1701:54LARCENY OF VEHICLE 600 DOUGLAS ST
01170159375/22/1701:05DISTURBANCE 600 W 3RD ST
01170159345/22/1700:04BURGLARY 1000 S GLASS ST
Daily Police Activity Log