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011804122112/16/1817:25DISTURBANCE 2100 Block of COURT ST
011804121912/16/1817:22DISTURBANCE 1800 Block of W 16TH ST
011804121812/16/1817:17LARCENY OF VEHICLE 600 Block of DOUGLAS ST
011804121712/16/1817:09FOUND PROPERTY 1000 Block of 11TH ST
011804121612/16/1817:02DISTURBANCE 200 Block of 4TH ST
011804121412/16/1816:56TRAFFIC ACCIDENT 600 Block of DOUGLAS ST
011804121312/16/1816:22THREATS 1300 Block of SUMMIT ST
011804121012/16/1816:06ABANDONED VEHICLE 2000 Block of W 14TH ST
011804120912/16/1816:05ABANDONED VEHICLE 2000 Block of W 14TH ST
011804121112/16/1815:53THEFT 600 Block of DOUGLAS ST
011804120812/16/1815:47FRAUD 600 Block of DOUGLAS ST
011804120312/16/1815:06ATTEMPT TO LOCATE 2600 Block of 14TH ST
011804120412/16/1815:00CHECK WELFARE 100 Block of 3RD ST
011804120212/16/1814:57BURGLARY 1700 Block of GENEVA ST
011804120612/16/1814:46TRAFFIC ACCIDENT 1900 Block of COURT ST
011804120112/16/1813:54THEFT 3100 Block of FLOYD BL
011804120012/16/1813:30CHECK VEHICLE 600 Block of DOUGLAS ST
011804119812/16/1813:13TRAFFIC ACCIDENT 700 Block of HAMILTON BL
011804119712/16/1812:41TRAFFIC ACCIDENT 5700 Block of SUNNYBROOK DR
011804119412/16/1812:27DISTURBANCE 2500 Block of SINGING HILLS BL
011804119512/16/1812:23CRIMINAL MISCHIEF 1700 Block of CENTER ST
011804119312/16/1812:20DISTURBANCE 800 Block of 14TH ST
011804119912/16/1812:15HIT AND RUN 1700 Block of W 4TH ST
011804119212/16/1811:46DISTURBANCE 100 Block of 3RD ST
011804118912/16/1811:37CRIMINAL MISCHIEF 3200 Block of MARTHA ST
011804118812/16/1810:53LARCENY OF VEHICLE 500 Block of BLUFF ST
011804118512/16/1810:24DISTURBANCE 700 Block of 4TH ST
011804118712/16/1810:12HIT AND RUN 400 Block of S CECELIA ST
011804118012/16/1809:44DISTURBANCE 800 Block of PACIFIC ST
011804117912/16/1809:25DISTURBANCE 3300 Block of GORDON DR
011804117812/16/1808:03CHECK WELFARE 200 Block of 19TH ST
011804117612/16/1807:34ABANDONED VEHICLE 300 Block of REBECCA ST
011804117412/16/1807:25ABANDONED VEHICLE 900 Block of 27TH ST
011804117512/16/1807:19CHECK AREA 1700 Block of RUSTIN ST
011804117312/16/1806:18ALARM 1700 Block of S HENNEPIN ST
011804117212/16/1805:22DISTURBANCE 6000 Block of MORNINGSIDE AV
011804117112/16/1804:55DISTURBANCE 2700 Block of STONE PARK BL
011804116812/16/1804:29THEFT 400 Block of S IRENE ST
011804116912/16/1803:36CHECK AREA 200 Block of ROSS ST
011804116712/16/1803:33DISTURBANCE 1700 Block of GEORGE ST
011804116512/16/1803:04PUBLIC INTOXICATION 1600 Block of W 19TH ST
011804116612/16/1803:02CHECK AREA 1000 Block of S GLASS ST
011804115912/16/1802:26DISTURBANCE 300 Block of 5TH ST
011804115812/16/1802:24CHECK WELFARE 3000 Block of HAMILTON BL
011804116012/16/1801:53CHECK AREA 900 Block of DUBUQUE ST
011804115612/16/1801:28CHECK AREA 900 Block of FREDETTE AV
011804115312/16/1801:11DISTURBANCE 4400 Block of NICOLLET WA
011804115412/16/1800:02ASSIST ANIMAL CONTROL 2700 Block of STONE PARK BL
Daily Police Activity Log