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01190057362/21/1912:39DISTURBANCE 1300 Block of PIERCE ST
01190057462/21/1912:34MOTORIST ASSIST 1 Block of I29 S
01190057442/21/1912:29CHECK WELFARE 1300 Block of S MAPLE ST
01190057332/21/1912:21ALARM 4500 Block of SINGING HILLS BL
01190057342/21/1912:10SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 3100 Block of FLOYD BL
01190057282/21/1911:43ATTEMPT TO LOCATE 2700 Block of STONE PARK BL
01190057232/21/1911:27MEDICAL ASSISTANCE 4200 Block of CHEYENNE BL
01190057192/21/1911:17ABANDONED VEHICLE 3500 Block of VINE AV
01190057212/21/1911:14CHECK WELFARE 2900 Block of CORRECTIONVILLE RD
01190057172/21/1911:05ABANDONED VEHICLE 1400 Block of S MULBERRY ST
01190057162/21/1910:59ABANDONED VEHICLE 1900 Block of W 6TH ST
01190057142/21/1910:49CHECK WELFARE 2400 Block of 6TH ST
01190057092/21/1910:41THEFT 3100 Block of FLOYD BL
01190057102/21/1910:39ABANDONED VEHICLE 1600 Block of HIAWATHA TR
01190057042/21/1910:28ALARM 1700 Block of BUS 75 N
01190057062/21/1910:18ABANDONED VEHICLE 800 Block of S NEWTON ST
01190057052/21/1910:14DISTURBANCE 500 Block of GORDON DR
01190057012/21/1910:08DISTURBANCE 2700 Block of STONE PARK BL
01190057412/21/1910:03PARKING PROBLEM 1100 Block of 25TH ST
01190057022/21/1910:01THEFT 3400 Block of SINGING HILLS BL
01190056932/21/1909:58ABANDONED VEHICLE 900 Block of DUBUQUE ST
01190056962/21/1909:47TRAFFIC ACCIDENT 3900 Block of FLOYD BL
01190056942/21/1909:41CHECK VEHICLE 1100 Block of 26TH ST
01190057122/21/1909:30TRAFFIC ACCIDENT 4700 Block of SINGING HILLS BL
01190056922/21/1909:21TRAFFIC ACCIDENT 4700 Block of GLENN AV
01190056852/21/1909:20TRAFFIC HAZARD 1 Block of I29 N
01190056772/21/1909:20MEDICAL ASSISTANCE 1700 Block of MORNINGSIDE AV
01190056832/21/1909:14ATTEMPT TO LOCATE 500 Block of WATER ST
01190056822/21/1909:12SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 900 Block of FLOYD BL
01190056692/21/1908:46CHECK WELFARE 2700 Block of S HELEN ST
01190056742/21/1908:45TRAFFIC ACCIDENT 4300 Block of STONE AV
01190056722/21/1908:38ABANDONED VEHICLE 3000 Block of MELROSE AV
01190056712/21/1908:35ABANDONED VEHICLE 1500 Block of W 5TH ST
01190056782/21/1908:31TRAFFIC ACCIDENT 600 Block of 11TH ST
01190056632/21/1908:31CHECK WELFARE 2600 Block of HAMILTON BL
01190056572/21/1908:28TRAFFIC ACCIDENT 700 Block of 29TH ST
01190056662/21/1908:26ABANDONED VEHICLE 1900 Block of W 6TH ST
01190056562/21/1908:03MOTORIST ASSIST 500 Block of 19TH ST
01190056642/21/1908:02ABANDONED VEHICLE 1500 Block of S CLINTON ST
01190056552/21/1907:52TRAFFIC ACCIDENT 200 Block of S COURT ST
01190056622/21/1907:47ABANDONED VEHICLE 700 Block of S WESTCOTT ST
01190056612/21/1907:41ABANDONED VEHICLE 2300 Block of S PATTERSON ST
01190056602/21/1907:30ABANDONED VEHICLE 3000 Block of MELROSE AV
01190056592/21/1907:16ABANDONED VEHICLE 2200 Block of JONES ST
01190056532/21/1907:15PARKING PROBLEM 400 Block of PAXTON ST
01190056582/21/1906:54ABANDONED VEHICLE 1900 Block of RUSTIN ST
01190056512/21/1906:46CHECK WELFARE 2500 Block of VIRGINIA ST
01190057242/21/1906:12CHECK VEHICLE 1000 Block of 19TH ST
01190056502/21/1905:38LARCENY OF VEHICLE 4000 Block of FIELDCREST DR
01190056492/21/1905:15SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 3400 Block of SINGING HILLS BL
01190056482/21/1904:18HIT AND RUN 2800 Block of SINGING HILLS BL
01190056472/21/1904:05DISTURBANCE 2000 Block of PIERCE ST
01190056452/21/1902:45LARCENY OF VEHICLE 400 Block of W 3RD ST
01190056442/21/1902:40DISTURBANCE 1700 Block of NEBRASKA ST
01190056462/21/1902:20SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 4200 Block of HICKORY LN
01190056432/21/1901:50CRIMINAL MISCHIEF 900 Block of S ALICE ST
01190056422/21/1901:43THREATS 1400 Block of W 3RD ST
01190056372/21/1900:24CHECK AREA 2700 Block of GORDON DR
01190056362/21/1900:15LOUD MUSIC 2000 Block of PIERCE ST
Daily Police Activity Log