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01210136175/11/2115:32CHECK WELFARE 4400 Block of SINGING HILLS BL
01210136165/11/2115:20HARRASSMENT 2000 Block of S PATTERSON ST
01210136155/11/2115:16CHECK WELFARE 2100 Block of W 2ND ST
01210136145/11/2115:02TRAFFIC ACCIDENT 2700 Block of OUTER DR
01210136135/11/2114:44CHECK BUILDING 1300 Block of 23RD ST
01210136075/11/2114:09ABANDONED VEHICLE 2500 Block of S CEDAR ST
01210136065/11/2114:05DISTURBANCE 700 Block of GORDON DR
01210136035/11/2113:41TRAFFIC ACCIDENT 600 Block of PEARL ST
01210136015/11/2113:35TRAFFIC ACCIDENT 400 Block of 3RD ST
01210136055/11/2113:32ABANDONED VEHICLE 1000 Block of 15TH ST
01210136045/11/2113:32ABANDONED VEHICLE 1000 Block of 15TH ST
01210136025/11/2113:20LOUD MUSIC 1300 Block of HILL AV
01210135995/11/2113:14TRAFFIC ACCIDENT 1 Block of I29 N
01210135975/11/2112:43DISTURBANCE 700 Block of 4TH ST
01210135955/11/2112:31FRAUD 2500 Block of S RUSTIN ST
01210135945/11/2112:31HARRASSMENT 600 Block of DOUGLAS ST
01210135965/11/2112:17INDECENT EXPOSURE 2100 Block of PIERCE ST
01210135935/11/2112:04THEFT 3400 Block of SINGING HILLS BL
01210135895/11/2111:57CHECK WELFARE 3300 Block of SINGING HILLS BL
01210135885/11/2111:52ABANDONED VEHICLE 1600 Block of S IRENE ST
01210135875/11/2111:49ABANDONED VEHICLE 2500 Block of S CLEVELAND ST
01210135865/11/2111:48ABANDONED VEHICLE 2500 Block of S CLEVELAND ST
01210135855/11/2111:45DISTURBANCE 900 Block of 27TH ST
01210135905/11/2111:44DISTURBANCE 500 Block of 21ST ST
01210135845/11/2111:40DISTURBANCE 500 Block of WATER ST
01210135825/11/2111:21DISTURBANCE 3100 Block of 8TH ST
01210135805/11/2111:00CHECK VEHICLE 1900 Block of COURT ST
01210135795/11/2110:53DISTURBANCE 1100 Block of LEWIS BL
01210135765/11/2110:20CRIMINAL MISCHIEF 2100 Block of JACKSON ST
01210135785/11/2110:18FOUND PROPERTY 500 Block of NEBRASKA ST
01210135715/11/2109:45THEFT 500 Block of COURT ST
01210135685/11/2108:40ASSAULT 600 Block of DOUGLAS ST
01210135645/11/2107:47BURGLARY 800 Block of 27TH ST
01210135615/11/2107:34ABANDONED VEHICLE 600 Block of ASCOT ST
01210135595/11/2106:31DISTURBANCE 1500 Block of W PALMER AV
01210135575/11/2102:23HIT AND RUN 500 Block of 38TH ST
01210135535/11/2101:16BURGLARY 3600 Block of SUMMIT ST
01210135515/11/2101:02MEDICAL ASSISTANCE 4200 Block of S LEWIS BL
01210135505/11/2100:52DISTURBANCE 1200 Block of 18TH ST
01210135495/11/2100:48CHECK WELFARE 1900 Block of BOIES ST
01210135525/11/2100:45LOUD MUSIC 2000 Block of OUTER DR
Daily Police Activity Log