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01190086673/19/1911:03ALARM 900 Block of 5TH ST
01190086643/19/1910:48ABANDONED VEHICLE 5100 Block of 6TH AV
01190086633/19/1910:48ABANDONED VEHICLE 2300 Block of S CYPRESS ST
01190086623/19/1910:40ATTEMPT TO LOCATE 900 Block of S HELEN ST
01190086563/19/1909:41THEFT 1300 Block of S MAPLE ST
01190086543/19/1909:15DISTURBANCE 1200 Block of PIERCE ST
01190086523/19/1909:01DISTURBANCE 600 Block of 13TH ST
01190086513/19/1908:49ASSAULT 600 Block of DOUGLAS ST
01190086503/19/1908:19FOUND PROPERTY 2400 Block of COURT ST
01190086473/19/1908:18DISTURBANCE 500 Block of NEBRASKA ST
01190086463/19/1908:07CHECK WELFARE 2000 Block of 27TH ST
01190086443/19/1908:02ALARM 4300 Block of LINCOLN WA
01190086433/19/1907:14LARCENY OF VEHICLE 900 Block of DIVISION ST
01190086453/19/1907:06THEFT 2500 Block of FLOYD BL
01190086423/19/1906:31TRAFFIC HAZARD 1000 Block of 25TH ST
01190086413/19/1905:53DISTURBANCE 2600 Block of 28TH ST
01190086403/19/1905:19911 HANG UP 400 Block of 9TH ST
01190086393/19/1905:19DISTURBANCE 1300 Block of JACKSON ST
01190086363/19/1903:45ALARM 5800 Block of SUNNYBROOK DR
01190086353/19/1903:19ASSAULT 600 Block of DOUGLAS ST
01190086343/19/1902:31DISTURBANCE 1600 Block of W 17TH ST
01190086333/19/1901:44DISTURBANCE 900 Block of NEBRASKA ST
01190086323/19/1901:37DISTURBANCE 1300 Block of JACKSON ST
01190086303/19/1900:32BURGLARY 2700 Block of MACOMB AV
01190086283/19/1900:08CHECK WELFARE 2700 Block of FLOYD BL
01190086313/19/1900:03SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 1600 Block of W 14TH ST
Daily Police Activity Log