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012003380410/30/2021:15SHOTS FIRED 2500 Block of W 1ST ST
012003379910/30/2020:35DISTURBANCE 1400 Block of VILLA AV
012003379210/30/2019:26CHECK WELFARE 2800 Block of S PAXTON ST
012003379010/30/2018:51ABANDONED VEHICLE 1000 Block of 25TH ST
012003378810/30/2018:30THEFT 3400 Block of SINGING HILLS BL
012003379110/30/2018:20CHECK AREA 2800 Block of W 4TH ST
012003378610/30/2018:05DISTURBANCE 700 Block of HAMILTON BL
012003378510/30/2017:52TRAFFIC ACCIDENT 4700 Block of SOUTHERN HILLS DR
012003379610/30/2017:40SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 1300 Block of FAIRBANKS CT
012003378310/30/2017:24TRAFFIC ACCIDENT 3400 Block of SINGING HILLS BL
012003378110/30/2016:53ABANDONED VEHICLE 1500 Block of OSAGE CT
012003377910/30/2016:34DISTURBANCE 600 Block of 13TH ST
012003377810/30/2016:18THEFT 1400 Block of JACKSON ST
012003378210/30/2016:18RECOVERED PROPERTY 4400 Block of SERGEANT RD
012003377610/30/2016:11ABANDONED VEHICLE 1400 Block of W 6TH ST
012003377310/30/2015:51LARCENY OF VEHICLE 1800 Block of W 5TH ST
012003377410/30/2015:49HIT AND RUN 1200 Block of S CECELIA ST
012003377510/30/2015:33CHECK AREA 6100 Block of HARBOR DR
012003377010/30/2014:27HIT AND RUN 900 Block of W 7TH ST
012003376710/30/2014:15CHECK WELFARE 200 Block of W 7TH ST
012003376310/30/2013:54DISTURBANCE 4400 Block of SERGEANT RD
012003376210/30/2013:52DISTURBANCE 1000 Block of GORDON DR
012003376010/30/2012:59HIT AND RUN 400 Block of W 3RD ST
012003375710/30/2012:59HARRASSMENT 2600 Block of S CYPRESS ST
012003375310/30/2012:46ABANDONED VEHICLE 2900 Block of LEECH AV
012003375610/30/2012:43ABANDONED VEHICLE 1100 Block of W 27TH ST
012003375510/30/2012:43CHECK WELFARE 700 Block of BRUNER AV
012003376410/30/2012:27CHECK BUILDING 2300 Block of INDIAN HILLS DR
012003375110/30/2012:11DISTURBANCE 500 Block of 4TH ST
012003374910/30/2011:50BURGLARY 4800 Block of BRADFORD LN
012003374810/30/2011:42HIT AND RUN 700 Block of 26TH ST
012003374610/30/2011:28BURGLARY 4700 Block of 41ST ST
012003375410/30/2011:18ASSIST OTHER AGENCY 300 Block of MARKET ST
012003374310/30/2011:11ABANDONED VEHICLE 3900 Block of MONROE ST
012003374410/30/2011:11FOUND PROPERTY 1700 Block of ROSS ST
012003374210/30/2011:07ABANDONED VEHICLE 4000 Block of 45TH ST
012003374110/30/2010:59TRAFFIC ACCIDENT 2000 Block of S SAINT AUBIN ST
012003374010/30/2010:56TRAFFIC ACCIDENT 1 Block of I29 S
012003373910/30/2010:52ALARM 1 Block of MCDONALD DR
012003373810/30/2010:46FRAUD 600 Block of DOUGLAS ST
012003373710/30/2010:21HARRASSMENT 3500 Block of SMITH RIVER RD
012003373410/30/2008:59DISTURBANCE 4000 Block of INDIAN HILLS DR
012003373310/30/2008:55DISTURBANCE 2400 Block of W 1ST ST
012003373110/30/2008:42DISTURBANCE 1100 Block of HILL AV
012003372810/30/2008:17DISTURBANCE 1 Block of W CLIFTON AV
012003372610/30/2007:48TRAFFIC ACCIDENT 3300 Block of W 19TH ST
012003372510/30/2007:22TRAFFIC ACCIDENT 700 Block of 27TH ST
012003372410/30/2006:24ASSAULT 800 Block of 5TH ST
012003372210/30/2006:03BURGLARY 900 Block of 15TH ST
012003372310/30/2006:02DISTURBANCE 300 Block of JACKSON ST
012003372110/30/2004:23CHECK BUILDING 300 Block of 21ST ST
012003372010/30/2003:59CHECK BUILDING 6000 Block of FOUR SEASONS DR
012003371910/30/2002:29CHECK WELFARE 1900 Block of PIERCE ST
012003371710/30/2001:58HIT AND RUN 1200 Block of 5TH ST
012003371510/30/2000:57CHECK AREA 1100 Block of W 3RD ST
012003371610/30/2000:38MEDICAL ASSISTANCE 1100 Block of 19TH ST
012003371310/30/2000:21LARCENY OF VEHICLE 1000 Block of RIVERSIDE BL
Daily Police Activity Log