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01150254188/2/1509:13DISTURBANCE 1200 24TH ST
01150254178/2/1509:04CHECK WELFARE 4200 CENTRAL ST
01150254158/2/1508:44ABANDONED VEHICLE 1000 VIRGINIA ST
01150254148/2/1508:35ALARM 2400 4TH ST
01150254138/2/1508:03MEDICAL ASSISTANCE 2000 W PALMER AVE
01150254128/2/1507:58DISTURBANCE 400 W 4TH ST
01150254118/2/1507:56BURGLARY 2000 S SAINT AUBIN ST
01150254108/2/1506:47CHECK VEHICLE 500 COURT ST
01150254078/2/1506:04CHECK WELFARE 100 14TH ST
01150254038/2/1504:51CHECK AREA 2700 S HELEN ST
01150254048/2/1504:38RECKLESS DRIVER 2900 PARK AVE
01150254018/2/1503:40BURGLARY 1300 S WESTCOTT ST
01150253948/2/1503:20DISTURBANCE 400 W 7TH ST
01150254058/2/1502:54HIT AND RUN 3800 43RD ST
01150253878/2/1502:53TRAFFIC ACCIDENT 4500 HIGHWAY 75 N
01150253888/2/1502:52DISTURBANCE 400 14TH ST
01150253938/2/1502:51CHECK WELFARE 700 12TH ST
01150253908/2/1502:48CHECK WELFARE 3800 4TH AVE
01150253898/2/1502:47SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 900 7TH ST
01150253968/2/1502:39ASSAULT 800 5TH ST
01150253848/2/1502:38TRAFFIC ACCIDENT 3900 STONE PARK BLVD
01150253818/2/1502:27CHECK WELFARE 2800 W 4TH ST
01150253838/2/1502:15SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 400 S LEWIS BLVD
01150253828/2/1502:14DISTURBANCE 300 5TH ST
01150253988/2/1501:57HIT AND RUN 700 S MARTHA ST
01150253808/2/1501:48DISTURBANCE 300 MARKET ST
01150253858/2/1501:38LOUD PARTY 2000 DOUGLAS ST
01150253798/2/1501:33TRAFFIC ACCIDENT 300 W 2ND ST
01150253788/2/1501:30MEDICAL ASSISTANCE 500 W 3RD ST
01150253868/2/1501:24THEFT 1300 PIERCE ST
01150253978/2/1501:09NOISE DISTURBANCE 2500 WILLIAMS AVE
01150253778/2/1501:06PUBLIC INTOXICATION 2900 GORDON DR
01150253758/2/1501:01DISTURBANCE 1200 5TH ST
01150253748/2/1500:44ASSAULT 1800 DOUGLAS ST
Daily Police Activity Log