As of: 2023-09-28-23:48:02
23SC2833009/28/2323.37ALCOHOL RELATED4100 Block of FLOYD BLVD
23SC2832909/28/2323.31Gun Call700 Block of HAMILTON BLVD
23SC2832809/28/2323.12Information1500 Block of S MAPLE ST
23SC2832709/28/2322.22ALARM COMMERCIA100 Block of S VIRGINIA ST
23SC2832509/28/2321.56Disturbance3900 Block of GREEN AVE
23SC2832609/28/2321.48Restraining Order Violation1800 Block of W 4TH ST
23SC2832409/28/2321.27Check Welfare4300 Block of HARRISON ST
23SC2832309/28/2320.59ATL Subject600 Block of 14TH ST
23SC2832109/28/2320.03SUICIDAL SUBJ2000 Block of MC KINLEY ST
23SC2832009/28/2319.28Theft3700 Block of 28TH ST
23SC2831909/28/2319.26Hit and Run1700 Block of CALIFORNIA AVE
23SC2831209/28/2319.23ARREST WARRANT600 Block of 5TH ST
23SC2831609/28/2319.22Hit and Run500 Block of W 7TH ST
23SC2831009/28/2319.08Check Welfare400 Block of W 8TH ST
23SC2831509/28/2319.03Abandoned Vehicle1600 Block of W 1ST ST
23SC2830809/28/2318.49Missing Juvenile1600 Block of W 4TH ST
23SC2831409/28/2318.49911 Hang Up Call1400 Block of COURT ST
23SC2830709/28/2318.48Disturbance300 Block of S COLLINS ST
23SC2830509/28/2318.31Remove Subjects2800 Block of HAMILTON BLVD
23SC2831309/28/2318.13Theft2200 Block of GIBSON ST
23SC2830309/28/2318.04Information800 Block of HAMILTON BLVD
23SC2830209/28/2317.57Standby3000 Block of WASHINGTON AVE
23SC2829709/28/2317.44Disturbance1300 Block of PIERCE ST
23SC2831809/28/2317.15Criminal Mischief1400 Block of HAMILTON BLVD
23SC2832209/28/2317.00Missing Juvenile2800 Block of W 4TH ST
23SC2830109/28/2316.55Information1400 Block of PRESCOTT ST
23SC2829609/28/2316.52CONT DEL MINORW 7TH ST & SIOUX ST
23SC2829409/28/2316.44Information2400 Block of HELMER ST
23SC2829009/28/2316.32Wanted Person600 Block of DOUGLAS ST
23SC2829109/28/2316.26Abandoned Vehicle41ST ST & JEFFERSON ST
23SC2828809/28/2316.20Disturbance2627 S RUSTIN ST # E-23;E23
23SC2828609/28/2316.10Found Property4500 Block of WELLINGTON AVE
23SC2828709/28/2316.04Information3100 Block of 22ND ST
23SC2828409/28/2315.56Disturbance700 Block of HELMER ST
23SC2828309/28/2315.55Criminal Trespass2000 Block of METROPOLITAN ST
23SC2829909/28/2315.38Theft2700 Block of SHERIDAN ST
23SC2827709/28/2315.29Harassment1600 Block of ISABELLA ST
23SC2827609/28/2315.20Occasional Check2500 Block of S HELEN ST
23SC2828509/28/2315.17Speak with Complainant4400 Block of GARFIELD ST
23SC2827209/28/2314.56Abandoned Vehicle500 Block of S LINN ST
23SC2827009/28/2314.09Abandoned Vehicle1400 Block of GRANDVIEW BLVD
23SC2828209/28/2314.02Information3300 Block of GORDON DR
23SC2826909/28/2314.00Abandoned Vehicle1300 Block of IOWA ST
23SC2827909/28/2313.46Theft1700 Block of PIERCE ST
23SC2826809/28/2313.19Found Property1600 Block of PIERCE ST
23SC2826709/28/2313.05Abandoned Vehicle1100 Block of OAK ST
23SC2828909/28/2313.00ASSAULT AGG4200 Block of HICKORY LN
23SC2826609/28/2312.41Remove Subjects500 Block of BLUFF ST
23SC2826509/28/2312.35Abandoned Vehicle5000 Block of ORLEANS AVE
23SC2826409/28/2312.33ASSAULT SIM DOM500 Block of 36TH ST
23SC2826309/28/2312.24POSSESS TOBACCO3200 Block of S CYPRESS ST
23SC2825909/28/2311.42ASSAULT SIMPLE2000 Block of CASSELMAN ST
23SC2826109/28/2311.38Threats1900 Block of RIVERSIDE BLVD
23SC2825709/28/2311.34Abandoned Vehicle2800 Block of COURT ST
23SC2825809/28/2311.33EXTORT/BLACKMAI600 Block of DOUGLAS ST
23SC2826009/28/2311.30Noise/Music Disturbing400 Block of S MULBERRY ST
23SC2825409/28/2311.08Assist Foreign Agency2300 Block of NEBRASKA ST
23SC2825609/28/2311.02Hit and Run1200 Block of 5TH ST
23SC2825209/28/2311.01Criminal Mischief100 Block of NEBRASKA ST
23SC2825309/28/2311.00Shoplifter5800 Block of SUNNYBROOK DR
23SC2825109/28/2310.59DECEASED1500 Block of OSAGE CT
23SC2824909/28/2310.21Speak with Complainant3000 Block of JACKSON ST
23SC2824609/28/2310.12POSSESS TOBACCO3200 Block of S CYPRESS ST
23SC2824809/28/2310.09Remove Subjects1400 Block of HAMILTON BLVD
23SC2829309/28/2310.00Criminal Mischief400 BLOCK JACKSON ST
23SC2824509/28/2309.57Abandoned Vehicle1100 Block of 13TH ST
23SC2825009/28/2309.55Information2900 Block of JACKSON ST
23SC2824709/28/2309.50Theft2000 Block of COURT ST
23SC2824309/28/2309.26Information1100 Block of 23RD ST
23SC2824109/28/2309.22Parking Problem1500 Block of WHITCHER AVE
23SC2824009/28/2309.20ARREST WARRANT400 Block of 7TH ST
23SC2823409/28/2308.46Sexual Assault900 Block of JENNINGS ST
23SC2823809/28/2308.43Forgery800 Block of HAMILTON BLVD
23SC2823309/28/2308.29Information1400 Block of HAMILTON BLVD
23SC2823909/28/2308.29Speak with Complainant3000 Block of JACKSON ST
23SC2823709/28/2308.24Criminal Mischief300 Block of JACKSON ST
23SC2823609/28/2308.12Fire Assist800 Block of 20TH ST
23SC2823009/28/2307.51Community Team Policing600 Block of DOUGLAS ST
23SC2822909/28/2307.44Information1300 Block of W 41ST ST
23SC2822609/28/2307.23ALARM COMMERCIA2300 Block of RIVERSIDE BLVD
23SC2822509/28/2305.41Speak with Complainant4300 Block of POLK ST
23SC2822409/28/2305.33Theft400 Block of W 4TH ST
23SC2822209/28/2305.27Harassment1700 Block of MORNINGSIDE AVE
23SC2822109/28/2305.12FIRE - ARSON2900 Block of VIRGINIA ST
23SC2822309/28/2305.11Fire Assist4TH ST & PIERCE ST
23SC2821809/28/2304.01Disturbance2500 Block of SINGING HILLS BLVD
23SC2822009/28/2303.55Suspicious Subject200 Block of S FAIRMOUNT ST
23SC2821909/28/2303.54ASSAULT SER POL200 Block of S JUDD ST
23SC2821709/28/2302.52Disturbance1100 Block of VIRGINIA ST
23SC2821609/28/2302.48Remove Subjects200 Block of 19TH ST
23SC2821509/28/2302.45Check Welfare2900 Block of PARK AVE
23SC2821309/28/2301.54Disturbance500 Block of MARKET ST
23SC2821409/28/2301.46Missing Juvenile300 Block of S COLLINS ST
23SC2821209/28/2301.30Elude/PursuitW 8TH ST & OMAHA ST
23SC2821109/28/2301.22ALARM COMMERCIA4900 Block of HARBOR DR
23SC2820909/28/2300.56Check Residence2800 Block of S CORAL ST
23SC2821009/28/2300.55DRUG POSSESSIONW 4TH ST & ROSS ST
23SC2820809/28/2300.35ELUDE-FOOTW 4TH ST & MYRTLE ST
23SC2826209/28/2300.00Theft500 Block of 6TH ST
23SC2824209/28/2300.00Criminal Mischief300 Block of JACKSON ST
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