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01200165956/4/2013:02FOUND PROPERTY 4100 Block of W 4TH ST
01200165936/4/2012:46HARRASSMENT 1900 Block of S PATTERSON ST
01200165926/4/2012:46CHECK WELFARE 400 Block of 24TH ST
01200165946/4/2012:41HIT AND RUN 4200 Block of S LAKEPORT ST
01200165916/4/2012:37THEFT 900 Block of W 7TH ST
01200165906/4/2012:24CHECK WELFARE 2000 Block of COURT ST
01200165896/4/2012:11TRAFFIC ACCIDENT 3000 Block of SINGING HILLS BL
01200165866/4/2011:41CHECK WELFARE 3400 Block of GORDON DR
01200165856/4/2011:33HIT AND RUN 2500 Block of JAY AV
01200165846/4/2011:30HIT AND RUN 600 Block of DOUGLAS ST
01200165806/4/2011:29DISTURBANCE 3400 Block of GORDON DR
01200165836/4/2011:16CRIMINAL MISCHIEF 4300 Block of VAN BUREN ST
01200165876/4/2010:59FRAUD 400 Block of CHAMBERS ST
01200165776/4/2010:54CHECK WELFARE 3500 Block of FLOYD BL
01200165796/4/2010:54THEFT 1500 Block of MARTHA ST
01200165746/4/2010:52ABANDONED VEHICLE 1500 Block of OSAGE CT
01200165756/4/2010:51CHECK WELFARE 2000 Block of INDIAN HILLS DR
01200165736/4/2010:46INVESTIGATE ODOR 300 Block of 20TH ST
01200165786/4/2010:29HIT AND RUN 2600 Block of 18TH ST
01200165726/4/2010:22CHECK VEHICLE 3000 Block of IRENE ST
01200165716/4/2010:00DISTURBANCE 2400 Block of JONES ST
01200165676/4/2009:30DISTURBANCE 400 Block of W 3RD ST
01200165816/4/2009:30CHECK BUILDING 2000 Block of DOUGLAS ST
01200165666/4/2009:11CHECK WELFARE 800 Block of W 7TH ST
01200165686/4/2009:09FOUND PROPERTY 1900 Block of W 6TH ST
01200165646/4/2008:59HARRASSMENT 1300 Block of NEBRASKA ST
01200165636/4/2008:52HIT AND RUN 700 Block of IRENE ST
01200165616/4/2008:36DISTURBANCE 200 Block of 19TH ST
01200165606/4/2008:32ABANDONED VEHICLE 1500 Block of MORNINGSIDE AV
01200165596/4/2008:27CHECK WELFARE 2500 Block of GLENN AV
01200165626/4/2008:16THREATS 5900 Block of MORNINGSIDE AV
01200165586/4/2008:15CHECK WELFARE 1800 Block of PIERCE ST
01200165566/4/2008:03CHECK WELFARE 300 Block of 24TH ST
01200165556/4/2007:56FOUND PROPERTY 600 Block of WESLEY PK
01200165526/4/2007:38HIT AND RUN 2900 Block of MURRAY ST
01200165496/4/2006:53ALARM 700 Block of GORDON DR
01200165536/4/2006:33ABANDONED VEHICLE 2000 Block of S SAINT MARYS ST
01200165476/4/2006:08HIT AND RUN 4500 Block of PERRY WA
01200165466/4/2005:59ALARM 300 Block of S FLOYD BL
01200165446/4/2004:40911 HANG UP 1300 Block of PIERCE ST
01200165436/4/2004:23DISTURBANCE 1300 Block of NEBRASKA ST
01200165426/4/2004:12HIT AND RUN 800 Block of 32ND ST
01200165416/4/2002:52DISTURBANCE 300 Block of 3RD ST
01200165406/4/2002:30SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 4200 Block of HICKORY LN
01200165386/4/2002:27DISTURBANCE 1800 Block of HAMILTON BL
01200165356/4/2002:01THEFT 800 Block of GORDON DR
01200165266/4/2000:24CHECK WELFARE 1300 Block of HAMILTON BL
01200165236/4/2000:16BURGLARY 2600 Block of S RUSTIN ST
01200165276/4/2000:16CHECK AREA 5300 Block of HIGHWAY 75 N
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