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01190307199/15/1904:40SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 2100 Block of NEBRASKA ST
01190307179/15/1904:37TRAFFIC ACCIDENT 400 Block of 38TH STREET PL
01190307169/15/1904:31DISTURBANCE 1700 Block of W 18TH ST
01190307189/15/1904:14INTOXICATED DRIVER 1100 Block of LEWIS BL
01190307149/15/1903:11ASSAULT 1000 Block of 14TH ST
01190307129/15/1902:40DISTURBANCE 700 Block of 4TH ST
01190307119/15/1902:37ASSAULT 3400 Block of WALDEN AV
01190307139/15/1902:32MEDICAL ASSISTANCE 700 Block of GORDON DR
01190307089/15/1902:15DISTURBANCE 1100 Block of LARSEN PARK RD
01190307049/15/1902:11DISTURBANCE 1300 Block of PIERCE ST
01190307029/15/1902:05BURGLARY 600 Block of BROADMOOR ST
01190307019/15/1902:01ASSAULT 400 Block of ETON CT
01190307079/15/1901:48CRIMINAL MISCHIEF 1200 Block of 5TH ST
01190307059/15/1901:37ASSIST ANIMAL CONTROL 100 Block of 3RD ST
01190306979/15/1901:24ALARM 3500 Block of SINGING HILLS BL
01190307039/15/1901:12PUBLIC INTOXICATION 1000 Block of 4TH ST
01190306959/15/1900:54DISTURBANCE 400 Block of PEARL ST
01190306969/15/1900:42LOUD PARTY 500 Block of ROSS ST
01190306999/15/1900:33CHECK AREA 3800 Block of 4TH AV
Daily Police Activity Log